November Update: Justice Velocity Variant Cover and THE PLAGUED CRYPT OF HELVETE

In case you missed it, our Mork Borg Kickstarter has blown past expectations with over 1700% funded at the time of writing! We’re smashing through stretch goals and figuring out what comes next. A huge thank you to everyone here who has supported us so far, and a huge heads up for those who are interested and have thus far missed out. 

A plagued beast has invaded the city of Galgenbeck, and a bounty has been placed on its head. The Plagued Crypt of Helvete is a one-shot adventure that can either introduce new players to MÖRK BORG, or be incorporated into an existing campaign. Take on horrid beasts, investigate a diseased crypt, and face down the demon at the heart of this entire matter. 

That’s not all! 

We also have a brand new variant cover for Justice Velocity coming soon. Whether you’re a collector of all things awesome or just love the cover, this is the same awesome Justice Velocity in a brand new cover. Coming soon to DriveThruRPG in both hardcover (29.99 USD) and softcover (19.99 USD). 

Justice Velocity is an RPG that lets you be the action hero from your favorite movies, whether they be action comedies like Rush Hour or the modern madcap of The Fast & The Furious franchise. 

Comic Pages from an Upcoming Mörk Borg Compatible Polyhedra Games Module: THE PLAGUED CRYPT OF HELVETE

We are working on an upcoming Mörk Borg module titled The Plagued Crypt of Helvete. Mörk Borg is an Ennie-award-winning rules-lite OSR-inspired tabletop RPG. It’s a dark and grim fantasy world with stunning design sensibilities cast against a black metal backdrop. It’s aesthetically brilliant and easy to play… perhaps needless to say, but we’re big fans.

The Plagued Crypt of Helvete will get a digital release both on our webstore and on DriveThruRPG. It is a three act adventure module meant to jumpstart any new Mörk Borg campaign. Players begin in Galgenbeck, where a plagued boar has been ravaging the town. They accept a bounty to explore the northern forests for the cause of the mayhem, and happen upon a crypt that may be more trouble than they’ve bargained for.

We’re happy to share that the official Mörk Borg twitter account also retweeted this comic:

Here’s a sample of the beginning of the module, which features a short comic. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to our socials (@polyhedragames) and mailing list for the upcoming release!