Polyhedra Games is a Brooklyn-based independent game studio and publisher: tabletop RPGs, board games and video games.

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Justice Velocity Giveaway on Die Cat YouTube Channel

Justice Velocity Giveaway on Die Cat YouTube Channel

New! Justice Velocity Character Generator

Check out the Justice Velocity character generator here! Download and extract the .rar at the link above, and create an infinite amount of action heroes for use in the Justice Velocity role-playing game. Select stats, abilities, skills, and more. Write notes and keep track of items! Share with players and newcomers to help them leap …

Justice Velocity Loot Drop #3

Loot Drops is a recurring segment on new items, equipment, weapons, and abilities to airdrop into any Justice Velocity campaign. You walk into the large living room with caution and a pistol gripped to moist leather gloves. The shuttered windows trace perfectly parallel rays of light across the empty carpeted floor. You open a mirrored sliding closet …