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News and Updates

Justice Velocity Campaign Update #1: Meet the Heroes

I’ve been playing sessions of Justice Velocity on Discord with friends over the past few months. Our game is a rotating GM session between 5 players (plus guests) that meets about once every week or so. We’re 10 sessions deep, and the campaign has been a lot of fun. Playing a Rotating GM Game Having …

Justice Velocity Review at D20 Radio

There’s a new review of Justice Velocity by Egg Embry over at D20 Radio. ” Over-the-top, hi-octane racing and explosions! If that statement will ignite your gaming table then you’re looking for Justice Velocity. If you want to tell stories of dramatized street racing, Justice Velocity is ready to roll. If you want to be the crew that …

Justice Velocity is Available at The Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn

You can buy Justice Velocity at the Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn. Whether it’s in person, or online, be sure to pick up a copy!