Toku Legends is a tabletop RPG about metamorphing warriors. It’s inspired by Japanese superheroes, tokusatsu and henshin heroes such as Kamen RiderPower Rangers / Super SentaiSailor MoonOne Punch ManChroma SquadSamurai Flamenco,Viewtiful Joe, and so many moreThis tightly packed zine is your ticket to quick and punchy morphing sci-fi superhero squad-based action.

Whether you’re a group of teenagers given alien crystals, super soldiers bioengineered in a laboratory, magical girls drawing on mystic powers, or cyborg rebels augmented to battle corporate overlords, every group of characters has a story to tell. 

This game is a supplement for Nebula Chaos, a sci-fi and space opera tabletop RPG from Polyhedra Games.

Toku Legends also features art from Corey Lewis, an acclaimed visual artist and comic book illustrator. 

What’s new in Toku Legends?!?!

  • A henshin mechanic where characters will transform between their civilian personas and superhuman forms.
  • A revamped Energy Point system: build up power over time while fighting minions and unleash devastating attacks on the final boss! 
  • Tons of new Abilities, Weapons, Items, Vehicles, Enemies and Equipment to fit a modern/sci-fi hero setting: Skull Minions, Transforming Vehicles, Portable Dimensional Rifts, Psionic Gauntlets, Heart Wands, and more!
  • Giant transforming mecha rules!!!
  • An optional Squad Point system which can trigger powerful effects and chained abilities such as: Destiny Surge, Vanguard Formation, and Ultimate Team Attack.