Plastic Soldier Combat

No one really knows when war began, but some dudes have been clunking rocks and plastic around or rolling dice pretending to play it for probably about as long. Some rule systems get really dense and complicated, taking a lifetime to learn and master. And some war games can get expensive for paints, miniatures, and other accoutrements. Those can all be great, but sometimes you also just want to run a quick beer & pretzels game with your pals.

I’ve played quite a few different war games, but perhaps the earliest and most accessible types revolved around these little green men in full plastic jackets. When I was a kid, we created an even simpler ruleset than this one using a single penny to determine hits with our army guys. I wanted to make something quick-paced and cool that keeps that same spirit alive, but with a slightly more sophisticated rule-set that is still action-packed.

Plastic Soldier Combat is a simple, ready-to-play war game. It uses a single six-sided die, tape measure, plastic army guys, and a table or surface to play on. It is light on rules and quick-and-easy to play.

Plastic Soldier Combat is coming soon…