Polyhedra Core Engine – Licensing

At Polyhedra Games, we believe in one important principle: that information deserves to be free and games should be accessible. We want players to feel empowered to make our games their own when they’re playing, when they’re planning, and when they’re designing. To that end we have created the Polyhedra Core Engine License to let players create whatever weird, wonderful worlds they can imagine using our standard rules system in an open-ended third party license.

However, we do have a couple important restrictions before you get out there and start making things:

  1. Anything that explicitly uses our art, text, logos, or layout is off-limits. You can use general setting information (for example, “the Thungrarian Empire”) but cannot directly quote, copy, translate, or otherwise duplicate our work (other than the text found in the Polyhedra Core Engine).
  2. You cannot pass your work off as ours in any way. We strongly support creators who take pride in what they’ve made, no matter how imperfect. You’re not allowed to give the impression that your work is an official Polyhedra Games product, or that you are affiliated with or sponsored by Polyhedra Games in any way.
  3. You cannot use any part of our work for unethical digital transactions, such as making or marketing NFTs.
  4. We reserve the right to revoke authorization of this license for any breach of these terms or for any content that is deemed unsuitable for any reason, but particularly due to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, religious discrimination, ableism, etc.

So what can you do with this license? You can:

  • Use, reuse, and reference the mechanics and game rules freely.
  • Use our Polyhedra Core Engine rules or any version thereof as the basis or inspiration for your own original game design or supplementary content. You can describe your game as “Compatible with Justice Velocity(for example) and “Runs On Polyhedra Core” but cannot use any of our logos or derivatives other than those shown below.
  • Monetize or receive payment for your work that is made using the Polyhedra Core Engine if desired. You are under no obligation to charge for your work, but we heartily encourage you to do so if you wish.
  • Tell us about it! While you don’t have to notify us that you have used this license in your work, we genuinely want to hear about it. We’re happy to help amplify your voice if we can or offer guidance on how best to use this license
  • Market your work using the Polyhedra Core Engine logo and the following text. This text must be made prominent in the title page and/or on whatever platform you are displaying, selling, marketing, crowdfunding or otherwise making your work available:

This game is made using the Polyhedra Core Engine created by Polyhedra Games and is not affiliated with Polyhedra Games. It is published using the Polyhedra Core Engine and Third Party License. All works are copyright of their respective owners.