Super Kaiju Clash

Super Kaiju Clash cover art by Andy Kettler

Super Kaiju Clash is the mega-monster battle you’ve been waiting for! Clash with other monsters to earn Crystals to find out who’s the biggest and the baddest monster around!

This is a board game concept mechanically inspired by Munchkin, Mario Party, and Monopoly. It’s a party game for 2-6 players about being big cartoon monsters who smash buildings. Fend off monster and military attacks from the Scary Deck, gain cool powers and benefits from the Loot Deck, and build up your coins to take on the other Kaiju. Use your resources, cards, and wits to decimate your opponents and become the most powerful Kaiju.

Game design and sculpts by Clipper Arnold. Cover art by Andy Kettler. Card art by MetaKomik Studios.

This game will be coming to Kickstarter in 2023