Nebula Chaos

You won’t find a more action-packed planet-hopping sci-fi role-playing game anywhere else. Nebula Chaos is streamlined to get you into high octane action your first time at the table. It’s a chaotic and technicolor sci-fi space opera tabletop RPG with a DIY mentality that cranks the volume to 11; a quick-paced game of laser-sword swashbuckling and googly-eyed aliens; and space portals that can endlessly dazzle and enrapture whatever brave bounty hunters and storytellers dare take a seat at the helm.

Nebula Chaos is a space opera inspired sci-fi tabletop role-playing game. It’s a game of phasers, laser swords, jump portals, extraordinary aliens, space pirates, galactic marines, starship dog fights, and psionic monks. Pulling from pulp and epic sci-fi alike, it’s intended to be your gateway to the stars; a fast-paced game of reckless abandon that throws all caution to the quasars.

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