May 2023 Update: Projects and Releases

It’s certainly been a while since this blog has been updated, though there’s plenty of news to report as of late.

Headcannon – Our first video game is coming to Kickstarter soon! Headcannon is a modern absurdist super fighting robot top-down third person shooter with a retro feel. You can learn more about the project here, and save our campaign to be notified on Kickstarter here.

Nebula Chaos – We’re finishing up the manuscript for Nebula Chaos and hoping to get it to layout and design stages by the end of this month so that it can be proofed and shipped to backers in September. This standalone space opera and sci-fi tabletop RPG runs on the same core engine as Justice Velocity. Read more about Nebula Chaos here, or on our successful Kickstarter page.

Super Mech Battles – This deck-building mecha card game has been undergoing some intensive playtesting as of late. I’m hoping to get it to Kickstarter later this year or early next year. It’s unfortunately been languishing in development purgatory for a while, but playtesting has streamlined strategy and mechanics recently. You can learn more about SMB here.

Plastic Soldier Combat – This one has wrapped up playtesting and is in the final design stages. It’s a miniatures wargame which uses plastic army guys for quick and simple combat! Expect a release relatively soon. Learn a little more about PSC here.

Polyhedra Core Engine – It’s slow going, but we’re piecing together an official SRD for you all to use and build your own games with! It will come out eventually. This license is currently fully useable (though the accompanying SRD is forthcoming) and compatible with Justice Velocity. You can read more about it here.

We’re still doing ongoing sales and support for Justice Velocity (and its variant cover), Tourmaline Valley: Tritonia #1, and The Plagued Crypt of Helvete. We’re also playtesting and working on a variety of unannounced projects as always. Please follow us on socials for more regular updates @polyhedragames or feel free to join in our community on Discord.

Which of these projects are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

November Update: New Projects and Releases

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated our site. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! In fact, we’ve been working on quite a few different things, including some brand-new stuff that we’re excited to show off.

For starters, The Plagued Crypt of Helvete, our third-party module for the award-winning dark fantasy game Mӧrk Borg, has finally been released! This is a one-shot adventure for starting characters that’s fully compatible with any other Mӧrk Borg products. We’ve been working hard to make sure this project was up to our standards, and we’re thrilled with how the final version looks and feels. Kickstarter backers should have all received their pledges by now.

If you didn’t back it on Kickstarter, you can get your PDF or softcover copy through DriveThruRPG here. 

Speaking of Kickstarters, our sci-fi game Nebula Chaos has also funded on Kickstarter! This space opera inspired sci-fi RPG features all the phasers, laser swords, dogfighting starships, and space pirates you can handle, all wrapped up in a quick-playing and easy-to-use rules system. The book includes everything you need to play, from character creation to an introductory adventure to help you orient yourself to the Voluspa Galaxy. Check out the project here!

Nebula Chaos is the second product using our Polyhedra Core Engine, previously seen in Justice Velocity. Accordingly we’ve updated the site with information on our license (found here). Our goal is to ensure that anyone can pick up one of our products and make something of their own using our core ruleset. We believe strongly that this is an important step for Polyhedra Games, so we’re looking forward to seeing how people build on our foundation to create something truly unique.

Lastly, we haven’t forgotten about that Justice Velocity variant cover, which is coming out soon! We’ll have more information soon on what that will look like and how to get it.

Thanks for supporting Polyhedra Games!

Comic Pages from an Upcoming Mörk Borg Compatible Polyhedra Games Module: THE PLAGUED CRYPT OF HELVETE

We are working on an upcoming Mörk Borg module titled The Plagued Crypt of Helvete. Mörk Borg is an Ennie-award-winning rules-lite OSR-inspired tabletop RPG. It’s a dark and grim fantasy world with stunning design sensibilities cast against a black metal backdrop. It’s aesthetically brilliant and easy to play… perhaps needless to say, but we’re big fans.

The Plagued Crypt of Helvete will get a digital release both on our webstore and on DriveThruRPG. It is a three act adventure module meant to jumpstart any new Mörk Borg campaign. Players begin in Galgenbeck, where a plagued boar has been ravaging the town. They accept a bounty to explore the northern forests for the cause of the mayhem, and happen upon a crypt that may be more trouble than they’ve bargained for.

We’re happy to share that the official Mörk Borg twitter account also retweeted this comic:

Here’s a sample of the beginning of the module, which features a short comic. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to our socials (@polyhedragames) and mailing list for the upcoming release!

New! Justice Velocity Character Generator

Check out the Justice Velocity character generator here!

Download and extract the .rar at the link above, and create an infinite amount of action heroes for use in the Justice Velocity role-playing game. Select stats, abilities, skills, and more. Write notes and keep track of items! Share with players and newcomers to help them leap even quicker into the action movie universe.

Here are a few quick ones for reference: