May 2023 Update: Projects and Releases

It’s certainly been a while since this blog has been updated, though there’s plenty of news to report as of late.

Headcannon – Our first video game is coming to Kickstarter soon! Headcannon is a modern absurdist super fighting robot top-down third person shooter with a retro feel. You can learn more about the project here, and save our campaign to be notified on Kickstarter here.

Nebula Chaos – We’re finishing up the manuscript for Nebula Chaos and hoping to get it to layout and design stages by the end of this month so that it can be proofed and shipped to backers in September. This standalone space opera and sci-fi tabletop RPG runs on the same core engine as Justice Velocity. Read more about Nebula Chaos here, or on our successful Kickstarter page.

Super Mech Battles – This deck-building mecha card game has been undergoing some intensive playtesting as of late. I’m hoping to get it to Kickstarter later this year or early next year. It’s unfortunately been languishing in development purgatory for a while, but playtesting has streamlined strategy and mechanics recently. You can learn more about SMB here.

Plastic Soldier Combat – This one has wrapped up playtesting and is in the final design stages. It’s a miniatures wargame which uses plastic army guys for quick and simple combat! Expect a release relatively soon. Learn a little more about PSC here.

Polyhedra Core Engine – It’s slow going, but we’re piecing together an official SRD for you all to use and build your own games with! It will come out eventually. This license is currently fully useable (though the accompanying SRD is forthcoming) and compatible with Justice Velocity. You can read more about it here.

We’re still doing ongoing sales and support for Justice Velocity (and its variant cover), Tourmaline Valley: Tritonia #1, and The Plagued Crypt of Helvete. We’re also playtesting and working on a variety of unannounced projects as always. Please follow us on socials for more regular updates @polyhedragames or feel free to join in our community on Discord.

Which of these projects are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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