You are a drifter. You’ve been endowed with powers from higher entities, enabling you to shift between dimensions in altered states of consciousness. 

Unfortunately, a brutal alien death cult is holding you captive and conducting weird medical experiments on you. They aim to harness your abilities for their own ends. 

Journey through this psychedelic, sci-fi, surrealist horror game where we explore the terror of the unknown, the power of dreams, and the horrifying fathoms of the human heart.


Drifter is an immersive, dialogue-driven first person experience with psychedelically dazzling lo-fi environments and effects. Interact via branching dialogue and explore surreal environments in this compacted, narrative-led adventure.

Content Warning: violence/blood, body horror, torture, flashing lights & loud noises.


  • WASD – Movement
  • Mouse and Left Click – Look and select dialogue
  • E – interact


  • ahintoflime / Russ – 3D Art, Level Design, Programming
  • Polyhedra Games / Clipper – Narrative Design and UI, Game Design / Programming, Sound Implementation and Title Card Design
  • Anwilc / Andreas – Game Design / Programming, Animations, Shaders
  • SamACSmith / Sam – Sound/Audio/Music

Created in 2 weeks for the The DreadXP Extraterrestrial Terror Jam

Additional resources used: Pixel Crushers’ Dialogue System for UnityDOTweenMaterial MakerTexture TownAspect Ratio Controller, Nature textures from Wolf Wraith, Photorealistic Texture Pack from Screaming Brain Studios, Skyboxes from Yuki2022 and Dogmatic. Royalty free images used from Pixabay for collage composite title card. Title font (FalturaAlien) from Mans Greback.