Justice Velocity Loot Drop #1

Loot Drops is a recurring segment on new items, equipment, weapons, and abilities to airdrop into any Justice Velocity campaign.

“Sorry I’m late,” or whatever. We have arrived just in time with some new items and equipment to save you from that double-agent mini boss. Stock up your treasure chests, shops, and baddies with these new assets.

Cool cool, but not your style? Don’t worry. We’ll be back next week with a new booster pack of three.

This first item is inspired by Clipper’s character, Jack Wolfe. Before jumping into battle, Jack will usually plug in his headphones and put on nu-metal to drown out the noise. It was only appropriate to give him an upgrade that had some additional utility.

No need to seek a shaman, fortune teller, or your g-man anymore. Find out for yourself who is evil and what they’re planning with the magical gift of vague certainty. Prescience awaits.

Must Cop.

Let us know how you decide to throw these into your campaign. We’ll see you soon with more gear to stack up for your next adventure. Thanks for playing JV~

EVOS ULTRA is an artist and contributor to Polyhedra Games.
Twitter: @xtulipmaniax

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