Justice Velocity Loot Drop #3

Loot Drops is a recurring segment on new items, equipment, weapons, and abilities to airdrop into any Justice Velocity campaign.

You walk into the large living room with caution and a pistol gripped to moist leather gloves. The shuttered windows trace perfectly parallel rays of light across the empty carpeted floor. You open a mirrored sliding closet door and find a pulpy smelling cardboard box labeled “RECON.” You dig through the cords, ports, and controllers to find some useful stuff:



Enthralled by the new equipment, you shuffle through the box, clanging plastic and tempered glass together. You catch traces of reflected light cast on the closet wall. You’re quick enough to turn and see a scope pointed at the beads of sweat on your forehead wrinkles, which gives you an instant to brace yourself for the shot. Just before the blast, a cat leaps from the loft above onto the weapon-supporting arm of the enemy. The masked grunt drops his pistol, and your two shots tag him in the chest — knocking him out cold.

Small Companion

You befriend the abandoned feline and throw her in your backpack; her head poking out. You can’t sell a cat on the black market for as much as refrigerator or dryer parts, but at least she has your back. Her and the ‘copter and goggles might come in handy.

Reward your players with some of these fun new items in your next JV session. You never know what creative solutions they will come up with. Thanks for playing~

EVOS ULTRA is an artist and contributor to Polyhedra Games.
Instagram: @dean_evos_ultra

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