Justice Velocity Loot Drop #2

Loot Drops is a recurring segment from Polyhedra Games which details new items, equipment, weapons, and abilities to airdrop into any Justice Velocity campaign.

We’re back with more loot for your action movie universe. Feel free to stuff these items into treasure chests, reward players at the end of sessions, or load them onto enemies and NPCs. This week’s kit includes a superhero costume to give you an edge in combat, a hypnosis kit for inducing trances, and a handheld gaming system to virtually practice your drifting.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We’ll be back next week with a new set. If you have suggestions, send us a message here or on the Polyhedra Games Facebook page.

Superhero Costume

Whether you want the classic leather boots and spandex look or a more modern ‘fit, the Superhero Costume will give your character the hyper-awareness and valiant attitude necessary to leap into battle before the opponent gets a chance to move.

Hypnosis Kit

The next item is inspired by our latest JV session, where the players infiltrated a circus and caught a murderous saboteur. The Hypnosis Kit was wielded by a carnival magician, but you can work this item into any story line as another chaotic element.

Big Ass Handheld Gaming System

Finally, we have the Big Ass Handheld Gaming System. Your character gets a couple of skill bonuses that are not PWR based. Has your character been looking for shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? That definitely translates to better Spot/Search abilities. Maybe they’ve been playing a lot of cooking simulators like Overcooked. Hell yeah, chef, that makes your Craft skill go up! It’s whatever the player decides on, but be sure to work it into the story line for some added flavor to the campaign.

Give it all you got with these new items! We’ll see you soon with more gear to throw into your character’s backpack and glove box. Thanks for reading and playing JV~

EVOS ULTRA is an artist and contributor to Polyhedra Games.
Twitter: @xtulipmaniax